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The complete database was updated on July 26 1997.
It is an Access '97 database comprised of over 3000 URLs, (good, bad and ugly). Zipped it's 3.9 Megs, unzipped approximately 10 megs.
Downloading the zip filewill take about 20 minutes using a 28.8 modem.


Arizona, aryan nation, AZ, black guerilla family, CA, california, christian identity, crips, extremist groups, gang, gangs, mexican mafia,militia, nevada, nuestra familia, NV, prison gangs, skinheads, texas syndicate, white aryan nation

Hong Kong Triads was created in July of 1997 with the term "Hong Kong Triad."
Mexican Mafia was created September 20 1997 with the term "Mexican Mafia."

There are large gaps in data. Please help me out and let me know what's missing.

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