Hong Kong Triads
http://www.well.com/user/mod79/gangsters/overview.html Organized crime overview Of course organized crime does not limit itself to Sicily and the US.But still, the Mafia is the first organization anyone thinks of when it comes to organized crime.The Mafia has a rich history in the United States, and continues to thrive.To learn more about recent developments in the Mafia take a look at the Mafianet (tm).The yakuza in Japan is a conglomerate of syndicates that controls a large variety of rackets, and rivals the Italian Mafia in power.They have been aro und since the 1600's, and supposedly originated from a band of Robin Hood style bandits.For more information on organized crime check out this small, but ever growing list of articles, newspieces and publications about contemporary organized crime.
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/chronicle/article.cgi?file=MN25477.DTL&directory=/chronicle/archive/1997/05/28 Hong Kong Triads' New Frontier South China is fertile ground for crime gangs corruption Hong Kong Triads' New Frontier / South China is fertile ground for crime gangs, corruptionSouth China is fertile ground for crime gangs, corruptionFrank Viviano, Chronicle Staff Writer Huizhou, China The vertical skyline of Huizhou rises abruptly over the East River 90 miles east of Guang- zhou, a highrise exclamation point in the rural hinterland of Guangdong province.Huizhou is the Palermo of China, widely regarded as its de facto capital of organized crime, in a nation increasingly beset by lawlessness.Four weeks ago, deep into the campaign against gray corruption, the manager of a Hong Kong- owned machinery plant near Huizhou reported that he received an unusual request from local authorities.Carried south on waves of rural emigrants seeking work in Huizhou and other booming Guangdong cities, they are recruited in China by agents of Sun Yee On and other triads.
http://users.deltanet.com/%7Ewcassidy/iaaci/IAAOCI.html Asian Organized Crime This page is made possible through the courtesy of W.L.R. Cassidy & Associates All standard disclaimers apply.Positive Links The International Association of Asian Crime Investigators (IAACI) was originally founded to provide intellectual cross-fertilization between law enforcement and the private sector.Similarly, the International Asian Organized Crime Conferences (IAOCC) were originally intended to excite dialogue between all persons having interest in the criminal justice system's response to organized crime in Asia and the Asian emigre communities abroad.Russian Organized Crime in California From Cal DOJ, and yes, Russian organized crime studies are applicable to Asian organized crime studies.Studies in Sorrow: An Old Note On the Birth of Vietnamese Gangs Bui Doi: Life In A Vietnamese Gang Highly recommended visual source from the University of Southern California.Youth Gangs: Out of Control and Getting Worse Well-researched article by Robert L. Maginnis Asian Organized Crime in Australia Superbly balanced effort from the national government level.
http://www.hut.fi/%7Ervilmi/autumn93/global.html Global Communication Through Email Teachers have shown an increasing interest in encouraging their students to practise writing by communicating with other students via email, rather than just communicating with their own teachers.I sent an article to this list describing the pilot project mentioned above, searching for teachers abroad willing to work on similar projects with my classes (two technical English classes, a business English class and a basic English class, about 80 students in all).This meant that, while many students had overflowing mail-boxes and received interesting material for their research, some students received no mail at all and others only received mail from one of their keypals.The best triad was number 1 as we received interesting material from Ron's and Reuben's classes and it arrived in time for the students to enjoy it; this motivated the students on a more personal level.In addition, most teachers encouraged several students in each class to work together, thus encouraging students to discuss their topics in the classroom and to do research together.A program for checking the names, addresses and number of students belonging to each mailing list was written in order to keep the managing of the number of students discussing each topic tolerable.
http://www.csicop.org/si/9509/chi.html CSICOP Skeptical Inquirer September 1995 China Chi and Chicanery Many of its treatments and teachings are based on the effects of Chi, a mystical form of bio-energy."(2) According to traditional Chinese thinking, the Chi flows through our body in a rhythmic manner, and most acupuncture and acupressure methods employ stimulation of points that lie along the acupuncture "meridians" through which Chi is said to flow.There are a variety of points on the human body that are traditionally stimulated in acupuncture, and practitioners believe that these points are generally indicative of the underlying flow of Chi throughout the body.Sometimes scientists can learn about the modality of effect by the speed at which the effect occurs, or about the influence of belief by experimentation on animals (and some acupuncture treatments do in fact work on animals).(6) These powers, as alleged proof of Chi, were shown in the Moyers series in a segment in which Moyers viewed a Chi gong teacher known as Master Shi.In other words, if Chi controls and influences the behavior of the human body, and we have not detected Chi, then the existence of Chi would be conspicuous by its absence.
http://www.interlog.com/%7Emseltzer/seasia1.htm Mark Seltzer Books on Travel South East Asia (Singapore) - Chinatown: an Album of a Singapore Community - Singapore 1983 1st edition, oblong (9 x 10.5 inches) in glossy boards, bilingual (Chinese-English), 168 pages, small ownership sticker, otherwise very fine, hundreds of illustrations, almost all reproductions of old photographs of the Chinese area of Singapore from the late 1800's to the present."Book 1: The Asiatic-Malay Islands" consists of 160 pages on Sumatra, Java, and Borneo; "Book 2: The Australo-Malay Islands" consists of 340 pages on Timor, the Celebes, Moluccas, Aru Islands, New Guinea and Malaya; "Book 3: the Philippine Islands" consists of 46 pages on the Philippines.Braddell, Roland - The Lights of Singapore - London 1934 1st edition, xi plus 205 pages, 8 pages publishers adverts, 39 black & white illustrations on 31 pages (some reproductions of earlier maps and prints, but including 29 interesting photographs of early 20th century Singapore and Malaya), small ownership sticker, missing front free end-paper but still very good in good dj (but missing top 1 inch of spine), historical notes on Singapore combined with descriptions of and comments on Singapore in the 1930's by a resident whose family has lived in Singapore since 1844.Cranbrook, Earl Of - Riches of the Wild: Land Mammals of South-East Asia - Singapore, Oxford University Press 1987 1st edition, 'Images of Asia' series, vii plus 95 pages, plus 12 plates of 46 colour illustrations, 20 black & white illustrations and 4 drawings, illustrated binding without dj as issued, very fine except for small ownership sticker and the cover slightly (spine considerably) faded.Fraser-Lu, Sylvia - Silverware of South-East Asia - Singapore, Oxford University Press, 1989 1st edition, 'Images of Asia' series, xi plus 124 pages, plus 46 black & white photographic illustrations, 24 colour photographic illustrations and 19 drawings, in illustrated binding without dj as issued, very fine.Lewis, Norman - A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Indo-China - London 1951 1st edition, 317 pages, 23 pages of black & white photographic illustrations, colour photographic frontispiece, folding map.
http://www.webcom.com/wooming/ Mike Woo-Ming's Home Page Originally from Sacramento, CA I attended UC San Diego.I've been happily married for more than two years and have a scruffy cat named Cleo.Meet a really cool doctor.Firefly - Music Recommendation Service The Kosmic Free Music Foundation Real Audio Synth.Site Hyperreal's Music Machines Internet Underground Music Archive Music Resources on the Internet The Ultimate Band List Streetsound: music media hardware style DJTraxx Web Site DBS Online direcTV The rec.arts.movies database at Mississippi US TV Net Hong Kong movies homepage James Bond, Agent 007 The Star Wars Archive Home Page TV Tonite Doctor Who TV Bytes: WWW TV Theme Song Home Page Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion Project A:An Unofficial Jackie Chan Site SEARCH ENGINESRei's Home Page Last updated on October 23, 1996 THE MEDICAL EDUCATION SOFTWARE HOME PAGE THE RESIDENCY PAGE MIKE'S MEDICAL LINKS Here's what medical school can feel like sometimes.
http://www.asiatimes.com/index.html Asia Times Home Page Residents of the Pearl River delta, the most economically vibrant area in booming southern China, have been able to count on their government to spare them from the most dire effects of this year's flooding.But few are aware that hundreds of thousands of people in mountainous northern Guangdong province had already borne the brunt of the suffering on their behalf.In a move intended to further India's "Look East" policy and to help forge strong economic relations with the countries of Southeast Asia, Indian Prime Minister Inder K Gujral has decided to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) meeting in Kuala Lumpur later this month, according to a source at the Prime Minister's Office in New Delhi.Thailand denies pitch for aid as minister heads abroadIt was a day of denials for Thailand's top financial authorities on Monday, as observers speculated that the country was about to seek assistance from abroad to shore up its financial system in the wake of the de facto devaluation of the baht earlier this month.Thailand seeks to beef up skilled labor with incentives
http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6901/index.html DEMOCRACY FOR CHINA Calling all Chinese Students Studying in US : Try say this to any old white folks on the street in US, like what they did to old folks in BeiJing, -- "You are suppose to die earlier, but you didn't, those that are not suppose to die have died " "We are ashame of you, you are a garbage and burden to the society and country " then give him a stick or knife or shot gun to experience the human anger, while trying to explain to him philosophy of freedom of speech in a free country like America.Oh, Great Democracy Warrior, If you are more adventurous, try chanting Pro-Saddam, Pro-Gaddafi, Pro-Khomeini or Pro-Castro Slogan in front of the City Hall of any US city, throw bricks on the face of approaching Police Officer, shit in front of the City Hall, resist arrest, break curfew, throw petrol bomb on Police car or army truck, and see what will happen to you in America ?The student can demonstrate, throw stone and fight on the street every 3 months and the police have the right to hit them with their stick, why not in China ?The RIGHT To Choose Our Jobs and Locations of Jobs and our place to stay - We DON'T WANT To Go Back To Our Hometown In The Villages, We Want To Stay In The City and bring all Our Family, To Work In Anywhere, Any Jobs We Want, This is Our Right !How many Left Wing Student was Shoot & Killed By Right Wing Government in China Civil War, Korean War and Vietnam War Combined - Compared to The Other Way Round ?///Message mirrored from email send to US Congress//////E Mail send to all US/UK/Canada Congress Committee Members & Federal Agency Relevant to China///The following is for search engines only, do not read the first & last few lines : The Power of Internet Unlashed to counter Lies and Fantasy about Democracy, giving 1.1 Billion Super Smart Peoples Basic Human Rights to live, talk & condemn ( they are very very good in this, just see what is happening in cultural revolution and Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong Opposition Party Newsletter / Newspaper ), marriage, work & travel the world anytime anywhere is worst than invention of nuclear bomb, a crush to the shaky job market and cheap labour everywhere in the world overnight, imagine living with one third present salary and 12 percent annual inflation, Let the Giant sleep, because when he wake up, he will shake the world - by General Napolean----------Deng Xiao Ping XiaoPing Wei JingSheng Jing Sheng Harry Wu Beijing Spring Digest 1989 Democracy Movement Hong Kong Democratic Party Tung Chee Hwa CheeHwa Mao Tze Dong Peking World Food Supply Third World Starvation Urbanization Human Rights Violations United Nations Wang Dan WangDan Bill Clintons Bob Dole Politics Policy towards China One child policy People's Republic of china investment cultural revolution communist socialist republican democrats white house washington new york america free web sites free internet access free membership free downloads interesting page political statement Macau taiwan parlianment korea japan politics north korea iran iraq middle east issues china left wing CIA FBI KGB Secret Agent Chinese Embassy Body Guard Assassination Black List Politics in China 1989 Democracy Movement Pityful Young Tender Innocent Misleaded Student study in US dreaming about Ancient Greek Utopia Democracy when there is no real democracy in the REAL world.
http://www.vanmag.com/9408/Hllyeast.html Vancouver Village Archives Hollywood East It stars two of the brightest names to cross the Pacific: Jackie Chan, a kick-flick supremo who has the clout of an Asian Arnie, and Anita Mui, the actress and "bad girl" of Cantopop-Asia's Madonna, as she is sometimes called.Boosters of B.C.'s eager, young film industry know that if Chan and Mui make favourable noises back in Hong Kong, all their pals will follow in their footsteps back to Vancouver." Tam calls Rumble In The Bronx the breakthrough film for the local business.Additionally, Hong Kong filmmakers can't help but have heard those paid to push our film industry crowing "location, location, location" as loudly as any realtor.The Vancouver landscape is dotted with Hong Kong movie people, from big stars like Leslie Cheung to lesser heroes like Bill Chan, a former action star now operating a window-making plant in Surrey.As for fears that the gangsters might follow their film industry across the Pacific: "We haven't heard of Triad activity in the film industry here," says To.
http://user.hk.linkage.net/~nckwan/hkwww/hk/scmp21.html Urban Legend " MYTH Overheard at cocktail party: "Next time you land at Kai Tak, look out at the window." MYTH "Hong Kong is the most stressful city in the world after Beirut." MYTH There is an underground tunnel from Government House to HMS Tamar, so Mr Big can get out in a hurry if he has to.Could try Social secretary, Louise StJohn Cox: 2523 2031, ex 268 or Housekeeper Elspeth Collins-Taylor ex 243 RELATED MYTH Many people think this mythical tunnel is somehow linked to Hongkong Bank, which of course does have some kind of tunnel - apparently some kind of air -conditioning/cooling system from which litres of steaming water is discharged into the harbour next to Queen's Pier.MYTH A couple go into a Chinese restaurant with their pet dog and ask if they can leave it in the kitchen.MYTH (1) Many of the beggars in Hong Kong are run by the triads.
http://is.dal.ca/%7Edtandrew/ryoichi.html The Ryoichi Ikegami House of Worship With all the Manga pages here on the web, I was astonished to find little to no information about Ryoichi Ikegami (1944-) or any of his works.If you are looking to collect/sample some of Ryoichi Ikegami's works, Viz Comics is collecting most of his past works in graphic novel format.Follow the link below to view a profile of Ryoichi Ikegami (by Kaya Oakes) taken from Manga Vizion Vol.1,No.6.I apologize for reprinting it without permission, but I sincerely hope that it attracts more interest in Ryoichi's works currently being published by Viz.Follow this link to see the Ryoichi Ikegami Animerica interview in Animerica Vol.1,No.7 (Introduction by Trish Ledoux and interview by Satoru Fujii).I apologize for reprinting it without permission, but I sincerely hope that it attracts more interest in Ryoichi's works currently being published by Viz.
http://egret0.stanford.edu/hk/articles/washpost.html Article How Hong Kong's Film Industry Got Shanghaied Sometimes violent, often raucous, colorful and larger-than-life, Hong Kong's film industry has often seemed as action-packed as the adventures depicted onscreen.The recession that is plaguing the Hong Kong film industry is a direct result of the financial boom of the late '80s and early 1990s. Many of the films made here were pre-sold to Taiwan, where wealthy Taiwanese often helped generously with the financing.``The Hong Kong film industry can remain as it is after 1997, and there will be sufficient freedom for film production,'' Lu Ping, the head of China's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office told film industry delegates in Beijing in November.Still, Chinese officials openly blasted Hong Kong's elected legislative council last year after it dropped a law allowing censorship of any film likely to ``seriously damage good relations with other territories.'' (The Hong Kong government has imposed that censorships provision only since its 1988 enactment, demanding the excision of a portion of a Taiwanese film on the Tiananmen Square massacre before it could be shown.Films by Hong Kong are being co-produced with Chinese film companies, and before a movie can be shot in China, government censors must approve the contents of the script.``Filmmakers know that they have to make really good films to get back the audience,'' says distributor Shu Kei, ``but they are too lazy.'' As yet, Hong Kong doesn't even have a film school, Shu notes, conceding that while Hong Kong has its share of talented filmmakers, too many of them suffer from ``the general philosophy of take the money and run.'' ____________________ Washington Post Hong Kong bureau researcher Jenni Meili Lau contributed to this report.
http://senate.aph.gov.au/committee/nca_ctte/ncaaoc/ncaaoc1.html Asian Organisd Crime in Australia Discussion Paper Contact Address: The Secretary Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority, Parliament House, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 2600, Australia phone 06 277 3565; fax 06 277 5866 E-mail: NCA_ctte@senate.aph.gov.au General information about the Committee's powers, procedings and previous publications is also available on-line.Japanese Organised Crime in Australia History and Characteristics of the Yakuza Extent of Activities in Australia How Real is the Threat from the Yakuza?The National Crime Authority Act 1984, section 55 provides: (1) The duties of the Committee are: (a) to monitor and to review the performance by the Authority of its functions;(b) to report to both Houses of the Parliament, with such comments as it thinks fit, upon any matter appertaining to the Authority or connected with the performance of its functions to which, in the opinion of the Committee, the attention of the Parliament should be directed;1.1 The main aim of this discussion paper is to provide information to the Parliament and the community about the nature and extent of Asian organised crime in Australia.However, the Committee believes that there is other, more general, information held by Australian law enforcement agencies about organised criminal activity that could and should be made public, but which the agencies regard, by and large, as confidential.
http://www.ionet.net/%7Ejrumley/bond.html 0 0 7 NEWS For those fans not content with seeomg a 160x120 pixel quicktime movie trailer, E!In a July 3rd update to MGM's official site, they added the text, "arrives in theaters this November." Looks like a goof since the dates are pretty much set with the theater owners -- see the next story.A Variety article Tuesday suggests that TND won't be ready for Christmas, but MGM strongly denies this.It looks like the Christmas boxoffice is going to be quite a showdown for the next Bond movie.A New York Daily News column cites on-set squabbles, budget overruns, and general dissatisfaction on the set of the new Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies." Check out an overview.007 to wear a Brioni midnight-blue tuxedo in TND Brosnan used his influence to help free a enviro activist Connery signs on to star in 'Eight Millimeters' investigating child porn.
http://www.pbs.org/pov/hongkong/timeline/last.shtml Hong Kong 1997 Timeline Last British Governor src=button1.src; if (num=="2") document.images[1].LAST BRITISH GOVERNOR (1992-1997) China and Britain battled for control of Hong Kong during the last five years of British rule.The leader of Hong Kong's democracy movement, Martin Lee, visited Britain to meet with Prime Minister Major, who said he intended to be "tougher with China.China blamed Patten when Britain stopped suppressing democratic reform in Hong Kong; this unnerved Hong Kong's capitalists, who joined the PRC in urging Patten to stop trying to expand representative government.Tensions temporarily eased in April, and talks resumed with both Britain and China being more pragmatic and accommodating.Britain and China agreed to reshape Hong Kong's harbor into a narrow channel, creating five square miles of reclaimed land on which they would build highways, office buildings and homes.
http://www.voyagerco.com/criterion/indepth.cgi?hardboiled Voyager Hard Boiled While he may shoot in Hong Kong again, Woo will never again make a film like this, conceived from the perspective of a man who perceives the support systems and institutions of his society changing radically and comes to the painful decision, like tens of thousands of Hong Kong citizens before him, to bail out rather than risk an uncertain future for his family.Understanding something of the unsettled state of Hong Kong then and now, where the public mood with regard to the future after 1997 fluctuates between an unfounded giddy optimism and abject fear, is part of the key to understanding the richness and complexity of the metaphors that Woo employs in Hard Boiled.So is rationalizing the difference between Hong Kong's surface, an intensely law-abiding city where gun ownership is strictly prohibited, and its underworld, where fortunes are said to be made in arms sales, and where the gangster Triads infiltrate every industry, including the film industry, allegedly in league with powerful cities in mainland China.In terms of the bravura with which Woo stages the action, the film is unparalleled in its fiery invention and technical virtuosity, a fact which points up all the more that for the first time in one of his films, the relationship between the central characters, the cop Tequila, and his compromised undercover counterpart Tony, is one of wariness and grudging respect rather than all-out trust.With their barely intersecting fates, Tequila and Tony know each other too little and too late for total bonding, and as passionate friendship is the way to redemption in a Woo film, the ending of Hard Boiled brings the bitter knowledge that there may finally be peace for his characters but there is no redemption.Woo takes the conflicts far beyond the personal level, and Tequila and Tony each function in a world in which they are entirely expendable, also something new for a Woo film.
http://www.smith.edu/~grobinso/drildesc.htm Description But the ambitious sister of a mine engineer persuades her brother to smuggle one of the raw "drillstones" to Hong Kong where it can be sold by an uncle who works in the jewelry trade.A clerk in the jewelry shop overhears the transaction and sells news of the find to a local representative of the Diamond Syndicate.International diamond commerce, the Hong Kong Triad underground, nuclear power plant technology, Chinese family life and government bureaucracy serve as background for the novel.Characters: Zhang Kaiyuan: a mine engineer, a gentle, cautious man who finds his life disrupted when he discovers the initial diamond deposit.Fay and Waine Lin: freelance industrial espionage agents, sister and brother, born in Taiwan, educated in the Us, quirky but competent.They wrote Organization of Language (Cambridge University Press) Problems in Higher Education (Prentice-Hall/Simon-Schuster), Scaling the Dragon (Cross Cultural Publications), and have just completed a novel about the US Army in contemporary Europe.
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8907/factor.html Chow Yun-Fat God of Actors If you already like the genre heroic bloodshed, or if you're a fan of Hong Kong dramas and comedies, you probably know what I mean: CYF is Coolness Incarnate.CYF's Biography/Filmography; My Favourite CYF Sites Interviews, Articles, Books, HK Film Articles & Sites Relevant to CYF (The HK film industry, Specific Directors), and Other CYF Fan Pages.In a general article on the Hong Kong film industry, CYF is depicted in shots from Hardboiled and The Killer; two more shots from these two movies adorn the magazine's "Ten Best HK Movies" box.In King Gangster, the article Logan wrote for Film Extremes (1992 #1), CYF is astoundingly open and relaxed, joking about the calibre of his movies and his colleagues in the HK film industry.Plot Summary: If the folks at alt.asian.movies are right, in The Replacement Killer CYF will play a hit man who decides to prevent the assassination he's been hired to perform -- CYF takes on the triads, the police, and a hostage (Mira Sorvino).Other films in the works include a remake of The King and I, apparently being developed expressly for CYF by Fox; or The Corruptor, another action vehicle being prepared by Oliver Stone's company, allegedly a true story about the massacre of Chinese immigrants in the states in the 1930s (CYF takes on the Klan).
http://eng.hss.cmu.edu/bs/13/Rubio-Sandell.html A Pair of Blood-Spattering Essays on Hong Kong Action Movies His gayness is positive because he obsesses over Chow Yun-Fat; it is hard to find fault with anyone who merely recognizes what Chow fans know in their own subjective worlds, that Chow Yun-Fat is the coolest.I've enjoyed Chow, I've used Chow, I've done what I could with Chow, but I fear I haven't explained him.Similarly, Chow had been a romantic lead in lots of B-grade movies but never an action hero; but when Woo made A Better Tomorrow (1986) and cast Chow Yun-Fat as the gunman he launched not only the contemporary Hong Kong gangster film but also a new and extraordinarily successful phase in their respective careers.Both Golden Princess and John Woo favor glamorous individuals rather than anonymous groups, and just as a film studio places a certain kind of responsibility on the shoulders of the stars to carry the success of the film, so too Woo portrays his heroes, and especially Chow Yun-Fat, as embodying the kind of freedom and individuality that is necessary for the success and survival of Hong Kong.A Better Tomorrow revolves around the lives of three men: Mark (Chow Yun-Fat) a gangster, Ho, his partner in crime who wants to go straight, and Kit, an idealist cop and Ho's younger brother.The Killer once again features Chow as the world weary loner assassin being pursued by the loner cop but this time it is Chow himself (not his partner as in A Better Tomorrow) who is trying to go straight and the film opens with him agreeing to do one final job before giving it up.
http://nic2.hawaii.edu/uhpress/Journals/CR/CRBkIss.html China Review International Back Issues Reviewed by Michael Saso, p. 423 David L. Hall and Roger T. AmesReviewed by Roger T. Ames, p. 458 Daniel KelliherReviewed by William A. Callahan, p. 490 Liu Sola; translated by Richard KingReviewed by David Flynn, p. 495 Ma Bo; translated by Howard GoldblattReviewed by Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, p. 526 Stuart R. Schram, editor, and Nancy J. Hodes, associate editorReviewed by Shawn Eichman, p. 589 Zeng Jifen; translated by Thomas L. Kennedy
http://www.tiac.net/users/amadeus/hkcd.html Hong Kong Video CD's They require a Video CD player, a CD-I player with full-motion MPEG-1 playback capability, or a computer system equipped with a high speed CD-ROM XA drive and an MPEG Video Card.This list shows currently available HK Video CDs. To find out what is in stock, check Imports in Stock.Leslie Cheung wants to emigrate to Canada, but his triad past haunts him.But when triads show up and threaten the restaurant where he works, he finds the world's former greatest chef, sobers him up to win an outrageous cooking contest.A cop whose attempts to work with other policemen always ends in chaos is given one last chance - find the commissioner's pistol which has been stolen by a student.He goes undercover at the school (which he hates - he only became a cop to avoid going to school!
http://www.utopia-asia.com/aidshk.htm AIDS News Hong Kong 70 PERCENT BELIEVE A KISS CAN LEAD TO AIDS Nov 1, 1996 Seven out of 10 people believe they can contract AIDS through kissing, a Hong Kong survey has revealed.And 40 per cent of the 15,000 people surveyed believe they can catch AIDS from a toilet seat.Eighty-five per cent of those polled said they understood they could not contract AIDS by having dinner with a sufferer, compared to 68 per cent last year.AIDS Concern spokesman Bella Luk To-chu said "the ignorance and stigma (of AIDS) have not improved".WELFARE GROUPS SNUB CHARTER ON AIDS EDUCATION Oct 10, 1996 Hundreds of social welfare groups are continuing to snub moves to increase awareness of AIDS.We care -- but not in our backyard June 23, 1996 HIS face ravaged by AIDS, disc jockey J.J. Chan reached out to millions of Hong Kong households last year in a poignant TV advertisement appealing for greater understanding and community support for people suffering from the illness.
http://www.voyagerco.com/criterion/indepth.cgi?killer Voyager The Killer The Killer is one of the most passionate and exhilarating gangster movies ever made.To some aesthetic puritans, John Woo's crime movies pile on a bit too much of everything: they are too violent, too melodramatic, altogether too emotionally unself-conscious.The blinded singer and the killer develop a wan affection for each other, but the most intense relationship by far is the brotherhood that develops between the killer and the idealistic cop (Danny Lee) who has sworn to bring him down.When the cop elects to set his worldly duty aside temporarily to stand shoulder to shoulder with his new soul brother against the armies of the night, John can only shake his head over the irony of it all: "The only person who really knows me turns out to be a cop!" The Killer is about two men who become friends because they both want to stop being whores, to live lives that don't constantly grate against their sensibilities and their values.The John Woo gunplay films, as exemplified by The Killer, gain much of their power form the grounded emotional reality Chow Yun-fat confers upon their heroes.
http://www.webtrafficup.com/anime/an5.html DEMON BEAST INVASION, 5($ 29.95). ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. The young The young lovers, Kayo and Muneto, are enjoying their unexpected vacation in Hong Kong.Can it be that the Demon Beast is really dead and the invasion averted?Something dark and evil is crawling through the criminal Triads of the Hong Kong underworld - literally crawling through - as the Demon Beast has multiplied and is taking control of the gang members' bodies." Fortunately for Muneto, the Interplanetary Mutual Observation Agency is still on the case, and agaent G-7 is fighting to cure the Demon Beast's latest victims.But the only way to cure someone who gives birth to a Demon Beast is to kill them!Is Muneto gaining a new partner in the battle against the Demon Beast, or another enemy form whom he must protect Kayo?